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Individuals for Justice have joined with José Serrica in his effort to bring needed supplies and hope to those who are living on our streets. We have assisted Jose in his effort for a few years now and ask that you and your group help us in this important work. We are looking for both financial assistance and volunteers who are willing to join us each Friday at Chapman Park at 2:00 PM to exchange items that need a place to belong, a new owner. We share food, clothes, and other items that make living on the streets a little less traumatic. Will you help?



You can meet with us and laugh, we do that a lot and share stories of the week, and we plan for the coming week and enjoy each other for an hour or so. José is the lead on this and will reach out during the week to people who need the very basic things to survive on the streets. We need a place to store his bike, store some stuff we have gathered, can you help us?



We will have a few bucks to share for storage, that way we share the wealth. We are thinking of someplace downtown or near the bridges on the east side. We would like a commitment for a year. 

The financial support is something you can do from your living room or come and meet us at Chapman Park any Friday at 2:00PM.



There is a Facebook page and an event announcement here:




“Blessed is he that considereth the poor: the Lord will deliver him in time of trouble.”






Sharon and Nicholas



For me, this is the most interesting thing that has happened this year in local politics, and we must stand with these two noble people. Sharon and Nicholas are people who should be on our city council. Will you get off you asses, register, work on their campaigns and financially support them---Individuals For Justice will--starting now!

Here's the scene from the press conference.

Afterward we sauntered over to the Sentinel Hotel to let the dignitaries coming from Hales' State of the City event know that we want a $15 living wage!

Thanks to Sharon Maxwell for Portland for joining us and giving a fiery speech!



                               2.18.14 DOJ Settlement Agreement Hearing 






*NOTE:    Suspended Coffee at a coffee shop where people on the street can get a hot coffee, we pay in advance.  This program will end on the 31st of March 2014 due to lack of funds    (Lone Vet)




2013-09-15_22-43_Bento Coffee & Cookie, 431 SW.jpg











Sunday, 15 September 2013













It will be raining for the next ten days, the temperatures will hover just over freezing but flooding may occur if you are on low ground. We need a plan that makes sure all are warm and safe. We estimate there are 2000-3000 people left on the streets after the shelters are full. Emergency actions do not get everyone off the streets and that is criminal. We must come up with a plan that accounts for all people, react as if a major earthquake has hit and set up ten times the number of warming spaces as we do now. Stop these fucking sweeps, what is the matter with you Reese, Hales, and the rest of our city’s noble shits who do photo ops and leave people to die.  (cont...)


  Read more on  FREEZING in PORTLAND  our  Blog page here












Gutless Council

Jan 10 2014 
Written By: Joe Walsh 1/10/13


I have attended almost a years' worth of city council meetings trying to "... ... administer to the dead... ." and I just can't do it anymore. They have beaten me down so low that I gave my last performance by physically throwing a small hand held copy of the Constitution at them during a hearing.


I thought I would have a stroke over it and was so weak when I left the council chambers that on the way home I decided this was the last time I would attend this charade called a council meeting or hearing. Margaret Thatcher, (AKA fritz) destroyed any hope I had for the gang of rubber stampers. Corruption breeds corruption and the city attorney is just as bad as Brutus, (AKA novick) and Nero, (AKA hales) he will say anything to justify what the politicians want to do.


The rule of law does not exist; only leadership by dictum. What happened in the hearing to overturn a decision by Parks and Recreation was astounding, caused me to throw a copy of the United States Constitution at the three little piggies in the hope one would read the damn thing instead of playing make believe democracy.  READ FULL REPORT ON THE BLOG PAGE here










KEATON OTIS VIGIL   -  December 12 2013















DOJ HEARING on Feb 18th 2014




[Individual For Justice founding member Joe Walsh...]

sent this letter to a judge at the federal Courthouse, regarding needing PICTURE ID to enter the building.

Dear Judge Simon: 2/1/2014

We ran into a problem on the 31st of January, 2014 which was an inconvenience entering the Federal Court House but on the 18th of February would be much more of a problem.

One of our listed members, Jose Serrica was stopped at the security entrance to the courthouse and was refused admittance because he did not possess a picture ID. This was overcome because another friend was close at hand and Mr. Serrica’s forms were delivered on time. I hope you can see the problem this creates on the 18th of February when Jose Serrica and others wish to attend the hearing as support people or to offer testimony on that date. We were not party to any discussions about security and hope we have enough time to work something out. Here is one suggestion:

Persons who do not have picture ID cards will be allowed into the building if their names are submitted 48 hours prior to the hearing. Maybe we could take a picture of people who want to enter and acknowledge we know them to be who they say they are. We expect and hope to have homeless/houseless people in attendance. These are not offered as sole solutions, but a way that allows the Marshalls to continue their work to make the building and you safe but allowing people in who have an open invitation to hear the proceeding. If we can be of service, our contact info is:

Joe Walsh
Individuals For Justice



(POST 2.  Follow Up) After Jose Serrica was refused entrance to the federal courthouse on the 31 of January because he did not have a picture ID with him Individuals For Justice wrote to Judge Simon. We requested that a way be found to allow people into the courthouse who did not have a picture ID and he agreed with us. Read the following response from the court and know I will assist anyone who wants to go and be part of this hearing. We need a picture of you, your full name and your desire to attend the court hearing that will take public testimony for the first and only time before the judge makes his ruling. Please feel free to contact me with any questions on this, I am determined to make sure all who want to go, can.
"Justice for one is a privilege; Justice for all is a right!"

Mr. Walsh,

Thank you for raising this important issue. Judge Simon shares your desire to ensure that persons be allowed to attend the Fairness Hearing even if they do not have a government issued photo identification. The Court agrees with your suggested proposal and accepts your offer to submit to the Court two business days in advance of the hearing a list of names along with corresponding photographs and your acknowledgement of each person's identity. We appreciate your willingness to coordinate this submission.

We are copying this email to counsel for all of the Parties, including the Albina Ministerial Alliance Coalition for Justice and Police Reform, and any of the Parties may similarly provide the Court with a list of names and corresponding photographs of potential attendees who do not have a government issued ID.

The Fairness Hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, February 18th. Because Monday, February 17th is a federal holiday, the Court will need the list of names and corresponding photographs submitted before 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 12th, in order to allow court security two business days to prepare for the hearing.

The Court is allowing this limited exception to its requirement that all persons entering the courthouse must have a current, government issued ID. Thus, if a person does not have a government issued photo ID and is not included on a list timely submitted to the Court, that person will be denied admission to the courthouse.

Thank you for your willingness to assist in this matter.

Mary Austad
Courtroom Deputy for The Honorable Michael H. Simon
U.S. District Court






CELEBRATION 2014 in Portland Oregon


[2 videos]

Presentation inside of Sisters of the Road:



Protest / March to City Hall:

Portland Oregon w/ VOZ & R2DToo  




REPORT FOR WEEK ENDING 12/21/2013    [full report]

Another busy week, seems like we would slow down for the holidays, nope! My week started out by going to a meeting of the willing, as RH calls us, we gather to prepare for the upcoming presentation by the public to a federal judge to rethink the process of the now settled agreement between the city and Dept. of Justice. We are still discussing what and how we will try to get you and as many people to the hearing as possible, we just learned that the hearing will be at 0900 on the 18th of February so time is of the essence; more on this later. .

Wednesday was a long day at the city's den of treachery.
The 4+1 s---s were in the mood to do things and that they did; not good things but things that go bump in the night. I felt like Scrooge waiting for Christmas future to arrive and show me what will happen. They had split up two very important issues, and that is not an accident, it is by design. The first issue was  [...]

[check our blog page for the full report back here]


Individual For Justice  - 40 sec video





on 12.14.13       [check our blog page here]

"I thought the City Council meeting would be boring; wrong.

I decided to pull two items off the Consent Agenda because they both were really hidden items that should be discussed but the 4+1 s---s wanted to move alone, nothing to see here.

The first item was listed as 1167 and of course, "It was an emergency."   [...]



IFJ REPORT BACK    12/1/13

Wednesday, November 27, 2013 during a city council meeting Commissioner steve novick suggested that I was in the employ of the koch brothers. To understand how this was such a cheap shot by this sell-out, one has to know two things one, who the koch brothers are and two, who Joe Walsh is and what his long journey for "Justice" looks like. First, to the Brothers of Corruption [...]

 From all the reports it went well and to add to our joy, we had a bad Santa in the Pearl. There was this guy dressed in a Santa suit who told us to be quiet, and when the answer came back in laughter he said he called the cops. There was a young child who saw and heard the Santa telling us he called the cops and the child asked the question of the day, "Mom, why is Santa calling the cops on the homeless people?" [...]


[Read More Here





Starting on Black Friday, at Chapman Park at 2:00 PM

Individuals For Justice will join other groups in holding a warm clothes drive and distribution. We will be there about 2:00 PM and stay for an hour or so. We will have available a wish list of things you need and try to get them by the next Friday. This may or may not work but we will try. This is hitch-hiking on an idea that Jose Serrica came up with and others who are trying to keep the houseless warm through this winter. This Friday we have gloves, coats, shirts, sweaters, hats, propane, a propane stove, and things like that. We will try to bring hand warmers etc. We cannot fix things but we will try to make life a little better. You can also donate on Fridays from 2 to about 3:30 PM. We hope this will be an ongoing event, come and say hello.

2013-11-24_11-22_Individuals For Justice Blog.jpg

The Lone Vet: gives the weekly Report Back - Posted on our blog page here




301268_Public Water.jpg

[picture is from a previous day at City Hall this year]

Is it possible to cry and laugh at the same time?


Read  Report Back 11.13.13





"Power To The Peaceful"

[35 min video]



2013-10-31_18-55_Can Good People Be.jpg

Can Good People Be Hypocrites?

Read more on The Blog page




Let Them Eat Rocks!




We must fight this with all our might, "Storm The Bastille, with calls and pickets.
A few days ago I got an email about Oregon’s Department of Transportation delivering large rocks to an area in the Lents neighborhood. This was a place where people, human beings, set up a camp under the 405 Freeway. The solution is the s...ame as Marie Antoinette came up with when she remarked that let the people eat the crumbs from the bread, or as the more common use of the legend is, “Let them eat cake.” ODOT goes one better by saying, “Let them eat rocks.”










To read some of the names


This coming Wednesday Oct 23 2013 I have 3 minutes scheduled before the City Council during Communications. Because, (2:00 PM) there is a hearing concerning the police & the IPR, I have decided to read some of the names of the people who were shot by the cops.


I have a new t-shirt for the occasion, something about asking if there are fascists in the house and answer it on the back. We will attend the afternoon session, something I rarely do these days. The 2 o’clock session is much more important than the morning one, so if you have to make a choice, go to the 2 PM gathering.

We will be back to the County on Thursday and the Hawthorne Bridge on Friday, have a new poster for the bridge, something about the GOP going MAD. Ha!

Join us if you can or make some calls, or hold your own vigil/protest----keep fighting!







 Interview with Individuals for Justice


























This was a busy week with the politicians, we attended a policy board Board for Oregon Health on August 6th to blast them about not granting the variance the city and Commissioner Novick had requested. This was a long meeting, about 3 hrs. of process, I knew I was at the wrong station. This group had nothing to do with the covering of the reservoirs. They were dealing with things like, "Coordinated Care Model Alignment workgroup" but what the hell since I was there, and spent a few hours listening to them why not move to plan "B."        [READ MORE HERE]
































This week, Individuals For Justice were out and about. We were at the City Council meeting on the 25th and fought alongside of Cop Watch, Charlie Johnson from KBOO and the ACLU over a report concerning the actions of the police. The report, like everything else that is directed or influenced by the police, was a sham. They found that over 80% of people being subjected to exclusion orders are African- Americans. They don’t see a problem with this number and defended the police for outstanding work. (African-Americans make up about 6-7% of our population) 


We pointed out that hotspots are violations in themselves because if you go into an area that has been labeled a “Hotspot” you are going to treat people very different than say in front of the Justice Center. It would seem once again the council had reservations about this report but voted to accept it. We were not happy when we left the council. The next morning it was off to see our friends at the County.  



Read More from this day on September 22ND our blog page here:














2013-10-01_12-32_Jose Serrica.jpg
2013-10-01_12-32_Jose Serrica.jpg?138164


We called for all who we know to help out Jose Serrica who has requested we support his effort to assist those who are on the streets with things they may need.












Save Our Bull Run



 Drinking Water System & Open Reservoirs!



back on the Hawthorne Bridge, Westside at 1st and Madison. We will have signs talking about the covering of the reservoirs and the rate increases etc.



We should be there about 4:00 PM until about 5:15 PM










Fight Against Camping Ban Continues



by "The Lone Vet"


..... We waited and waited and about 0900 the police approached and Jim announced he would not move voluntarily and I just said, "I'm with Jim." I had my USS Independence hat on and a jacket that says, Navy and Peace—Ha! The police did not want to arrest two old guys who were willing to give up some of their liberties so that others have a chance at what we once knew as "Democracy."

So, off we went to the big house, the justice center for processing and booking, my wife did not know I was going to push the issue, so she was not going to be happy. We were allowed to walk with the two police who were friendly and professional and very uncomfortable about arresting us. We were taken inside the entrance and told to wait on a bench and the police would get things started inside and be out in a few minutes. After about an hour we were given .... [more]




BLOG -->



7/23/13 - Portland Oregon









9.11.13   -  A visit to

Senator Merkley's Office


 (VIDEO) 10.22.13



Report of the Adventures of Individuals For Justice and Noble Friends,


Barbara, Malcolm and I met Tuesday at 2:45 PM at The World Trades building. It was going to be an interesting meeting with the staff of Senator Merkley.  Read the full story of what happened on our


"We have had very little contact with this staff, so it may take some time for them to change any access policy.  We will watch and keep an eye on things and let you know.  Meanwhile, please call their office (503-326-3386 503-326-3386) and ask that easy and immediate access to the office be open. Tell them they should not be hiding behind some security guard who will tell constituents that they need to make an appointment and cannot go upstairs to drop off anything or just visit to say hello."










Lone Vet Report for 10.10.13 

Read it on our Blog Page here

[ ]




Save Our Bull Run

Drinking Water System & Open Reservoirs!


5441 SE Belmont,

Lower level Dining Room

inside Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church
Tuesday July 30 at 7pm




2013-02-24_19-01_Spell with flickr- NOoo.jpg




Water Reservoir Protest 

Portland Oregon  Mt Tabor

July 15, 2013 we stood on a hill near reservoir 6 practicing our song to be sung as we were arrested for defending our pure wonderful water.  Then midnight came and the park rangers made an announcement that the park was closed and we had 30 minutes to leave.  Nan and I were probably the oldest that were going to give up some of our liberty for the water.  The thunder bolt came at about 0010 from the recognized leader of what was called Camp Cascadia. 

Jessie had a bull horn and was telling the people gathered that he changed his mind and would leave the park as ordered at or before the cut off of 0030, (12:30 AM).  I and others were stunned, we could not believe that he would do that.  This was supposed to be the crowning moment for this group to make a statement about the lack of representation we have on the city level.





2012    - CITY HALL




August 2012


Solidarity with GITMO Hunger Strike 


See our Blog Page here for May 17 2013:

{quote} .... Outside of the den of thieves, another action was going on, called by Brian Willson to protest the treatment of prisoners at Gitmo. Brian asked us, Individuals For Justice, to join him in protesting the conditions, torture, and ill treatment of the remaining people at Guantanamo, Cuba. 

Roberto and I were there and I joined Brian on a symbolic fast. 

My doctors said I could go for 24 hrs and that was my limit. I started at 10:00 PM Wednesday night and ended it 10:00 PM Thursday night and man, I was hungry. Before I left for the protest all the food in the house was whispering to me, “Joe don’t you just want to hold me, I am so lonely.” I made it through and Brian remains on a 300 calorie per day fast. (read more on the blog page)






Who You Gonna Call?








There is a moment in "Ghostbusters" that you hear the song, "Who you gonna call?" There really is no one to call because who could really fight against something that does not exist? We find ourselves in the same environment with our government, it does not exist. (read more on our blog page)



Houseless Protest in front of City Hall


7.22.13 - Human Rights & Equity











It Will Be A Long Four Years For Portland, Oregon















               The name for Randy Leonard's  Loo






2013-02-03_12-33_Ex-commissioner Randy Leonard.jpg
2013-02-03_12-33_Ex-commissioner Randy L




TAKE THAT TO YOUR COMMUNITY SHITTER  2/1/13    ~out take posted below ~




[...] But when Leonard listed the house on the market last summer, accompanying photographs showed a handsomely appointed sauna. City codes require permits and inspections for saunas. As Leonard acknowledges in his email, his didn’t get either. WW called Leonard to ask him about the sauna.


The normally chatty Leonard said he didn’t want to talk.


“I’m retired,” Leonard says. “I don’t do interviews anymore.”


When asked specifically whether the sauna was in the house when he bought it or he had it installed, Leonard replied, “It was nice talking to you,” and hung up.


The city can fine residents who perform unpermitted work on their homes or even force them to undo that work. If the work meets code, inspectors often approve it. [...]




Papas [ Ted Papas, whose Greek Cusina closed under city pressure in 2010] says Leonard is a hypocrite, who skirted city code to save himself a few dollars. “Whatever Randy Leonard did was for himself, not for anybody else,” Papas says. “He speaks in public one way, but when he goes home his thoughts are about how to help Randy Leonard.” [...]













 Watch this  


(Trial of George)  


performed only once


in 2008 












Are We On Mars..._0001.jpg
Are We On Mars..._0001.jpg?1357884326770























Are we on Mars? or is this the steps of Pioneer Courthouse? 


On the steps of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in Portland Oregon
a citizens is arrested for being on the steps and handing out anti- torture information. [special effects added / with music and soundtrack] 




This was filmed in 2009 during a protest vigil to demad that Judge ByBee be impeached for allowing torture by the military and CIA.




ARRESTED on Courthouse Steps
Man arrested at Portland Torture Protest for (?)
Rude agressive guards arrest him for ...being on steps(?)





Are We On Mars - Torture Protest Arrest of Free Speech
Music - Video - w/effects





Torture Protest - Arrest Judge ByBee
Interviews and trick or treats outside the 9th Circuit Courthouse in Portland Oregon. A person was arrested but it is not in this video


















 Portland city council votes to add fluoride to its water amidst protestors










The Lone Vet is removed from the room. 




301268_Public Water.jpg
301268_Public Water.jpg?1353305265389





































blog post here~












50 Reasons to Oppose Fluoridation




DAY 14

4/29/13/ - posted by Joe Walsh



We asked, we yelled, we cried, now it is time for pressure, each week, 

as long as I am able I will sit in the City Council with my shirt that says:




March 29 2013


 --> we met on the west side of the Hawthorne bridge - video is below <-- 



No Fluoride in Portland Water Rally on 3.15.13






     Brent Foster talking about the dangers of water fluoridation





[The following was posted on 2/12/13] 

In Portland Oregon


We are getting ready for a big fight over fluoridating our wonderful water.


Here is a short but powerful video asking why we would want to do this.


You will be asked to vote on this as soon as May of this year.


We who oppose this action wanted more time to have debates about the pros & cons on this issue.


Many of us who once supported fluoride in our water now stand against this as new and reveling science tells us that fluoride can do some serious damage if you drink it.


Don't just take my word do some research and you will also wonder why we want to poison our water.







The Columbia Gorge Protection Brigade 
(neé North Portland Coal-Ition Brigade) on distributing coal-fires at terminals in Ethan Boardman

Two of us veterans of the North Portland Coal-Ition Brigade—did that 165-mile trip to Boardman to distribute 100 anti-coal-terminal fliers Sunday, Feb. 24. A lot of pre-trip research was done on Boardman itself in preparation for this combination posting/canvassing direct-action effort.

We arrived around noon accurately figuring that’s when the most people would be in the downtown area on both sides of I-84.







 Debate on the Fluoridation of Portland’s Drinking Water (Measure 26-151)




2013-04-09_15-24_Multnomah County Democratic.jpg



The Lone Vet will be on the corner of 122nd and Division about 3:30 this coming Friday 4/5/13 - to ask people to vote no on toxic waste in our drinking water, want to take a ride? 

Individuals For Justice will be moving around the city for the month of April, and into May. We will do everything we can to let people know this is a bad idea and should be defeated. 

VOTE NO IN MAY ON 26-151!!


~joe walsh


2013-04-04_22-08_nd and Division portland.jpg



We Will Be There!


*posted 2/12/13






.... attended the Portland, Or. City Council meetings 


....  and the five shi-s have not seen the light [yet], they still remain in the darkness or in ignorance. 


 We need to pack this chamber every week, if you can will you join Individuals For Justice and hold these people to some rational standard of humanity? We need you to attend and challenge what they are doing week after week. If you can't go to the meetings would you send the 5 shi-s an email after watching the video of the meeting. It is important that we have a presence and tell them what we think should happen. Many of you know that I believe a nervous politician is a good politician. We need to do more. 


 Just think of what the last council did and what this new council is continuing:


 Read the full previously related post by Joe Walsh HERE  

.... and on the Individuals For Justice Blog Page:  Here  and   HERE








We Need A Name!!! 


One of the things I know is that politicians worry about their legacy. They spend lots of time thinking about how people will remember them. Portland, Oregon just said bye-bye to two members of our City Council. Both have departed under serious scandals and we should remind them that they will be remembered as losers. Mayor Sam Adams lied about having a fling with a young person and decided, after two attempts to recall him failed, that he could not win another election and decided he was finished. His legacy will always be damaged. 

The other jerk, Randy Leonard, has and will cost all of us lots of money as his vision of covering the reservoirs and adding a toxic waste to our wonderful drinking water hits our water bills. We have seen our water bills double under this man's tenure and what does the rest of the council have to say, they named a firehouse after him. That is the height of arrogance and must be countered. My idea is to also name an outhouse after him and I believe the one in Lownsdale Square is perfect. It sits across from City Hall and conveys a certain feeling that describes Randy Leonard to a tee. It has running water, and "Poop in and "Poop out." A fitting definition of a sh-thead and we should push the council to have a celebration to name it after him. I envision calling it Randy's Poop House #1. What do you think? Please go to my event page and offer your thoughts and anything else you want to deposit at "Randy's Poo Poo Place." I am thinking we may need some balloons with a message on them to celebrate this wonderful occasion where a politician of Randy's worth is joyously publicized. 


Two of us went before the city council to request a toilet/outhouse be name after Leonard but received a cold shoulder---ha! See about 27 minutes in--ha! 











To members of the city council of Portland, Oregon
We [
INDIVIDUALS FOR JUSTICE] don't understand how this can go on, 

the city of Portland should investigate how this could happen. 

Please tell us what you and the rest of the council are doing to end this crazy action. 

This kind of stuff makes it very hard to justify any new bond for schools. 

Somebody needs to be held accountable for this waste of money. 

Please let us know what you intend to do about this mess.

There is an issue of corruption on the highest levels that has all the elements of a good story. 

Mr. Steve Dunn has reported on a problem with the brains of both the Portland Board of Education 

and City Hall concerning the payments to one Yvonne Deckard. From the article: 

"A retired Portland administrator earned more than $22,500 a month this past fall 

through no-bid contracts with the city and Portland Public Schools. 


Officials said they generally prefer competitive contracting -- which helps make sure taxpayers get the best deal -- 


but made exceptions for Yvonne Deckard. No one else, they said, offered her expertise." 


 After you read this story here is a response we

 received from our newly reelected Commissioner Fritz.



"Thank you for your message. 


 The Portland Public School Board members 

 are the elected officials with the responsibility 

 and authority to address this issue. 

 Please direct your concern to them."



 Amanda Fritz, Commissioner, City of Portland



I give her credit for responding, but WTF?




If she read the article by Brad Schmidt and the one 


 Steve Dunn of the Oregonian wrote she would know 

that the city also hired this woman for a total of $22,500 bucks 

to do what? The School Board has a lot to answer  for, 

but the city is in the middle of the whole mess. This is why 

I don't trust any politician and think we should bring them home 

after one or two terms, they can no  longer see if they are in office too long. 

We need a full investigation on this contract and make sure this does not happen again. What do you think? 


For Justice,Peace and *Laughter,

Joe Walsh-Lone Vet 1/7/13



 January 2 2013

Come and play

On Wednesday January 2, 2013 there is no city council meeting at 0930 

but there is one at 1400, (2:00 PM.)  We will have two new people on the council 

and we should go to welcome them. This is a short agenda and does not take a lot of our time. 

The reason for going, IMHO, is to welcome our new mayor and commissioner. Mayor Hales will be very different 

than Sam and my hope is that Novick will be better than our last man who has now a firehouse and outhouse named after him. 

Hales, Fritz and Novick could do some wonderful things for our city and we should encourage them to be true representatives. I will go 

with one of my t-shirts that simply says, "WELCOME." Can you join us? This should be a time to celebrate, next week maybe not so much????

-Lone Vet








[Joe Walsh]
In Front of City Hall - {In Regards to}

Collecting Signatures to Stop Fluoride From Being Put in Our Drinking Water.

 Joe is a signature gatherer to help put the fluoride vote on the ballot....


My first day in front of City Hall was filled with drama, and I love drama. I arrived about 0900 and started to put up my sign. The announcement sign was made up of PVC piping that would hold two signs, and people could read it from both sides. When I started to put the frame together I heard and saw a police car come next to me. It was no other than officer *stuart palmiter #27244; I said under my breath, “Oh boy, this is going to be one of those days.” You see this police officer gave me a hard time not very long ago and today he was walking around giving our beloved protesters, who have been in front of the City Hall for at least the last nine months a hard time. The first thing he said to me is that you cannot build anything in front of City Hall. I said I am going to put a sign here and it is about getting people to sign a petition to put the fluoride question to all Portland voters, not leave it in the hands of the 5 shi-s who call themselves our representatives. The officer’s reply was, something like, “Well this is not going to happen here.” I said, oh yes it is.” The officer left and went into the City Hall as I continued putting together my sign holder. After a bit, officer palmiter returned and said, “We are going to let you have your sign but you must not leave it.” My response was that I was exercising my legal right to collect signatures and he was interfering with that right. He said a strange thing, something like, “I can talk to you if I want, I also have freedom of speech.” I continued having fun with him now, I pointed out, “If you are not on the job, then you should be moving your car, it’s in a place right next to a sign that says, “Government automobiles forbidden.” He continued to say something but I did not pay too much attention, he departed, but I just knew we were not finished ..... read more here   -->  BLOG PAGE <--


And you can watch this all on a cell phone Ustream video here by VIGILTV 







(before their arrests)  



  VIDEO LINK  - 12 . 20 . 2007


 Santa and Friends from the 2007 


in front of House Rep. Blumenauer's Office











More information on the anti fluoride petition


Lone Vet Report

On September 12th a number of things happened, the five shi-s voted to poison our water and many of us were told to get out of the council chambers for objecting to the vote. I remember saying two things as I was told by the chief sh-t to leave:

1. " I have been thrown out of better places than this." and

2. "Sam you voted today, our turn tomorrow." 

Today we return to the scene of the crime and hand over about 35,000 signatures to the people who will count them and make sure we have enough valid signatures to get on the ballot in 2014. My understanding is that if we have enough then all actions on the fluoridation of our wonderful water will stop until the decision by the people of the great city of Portland have their say.

If we had any dignified members of the council they would resign and we would have special elections; don't hold your breath for this option.



For Justice,Peace and *Laughter,
Joe Walsh-Lone Vet
Individuals for Justice
Proud member of Oregon Progressive Party,

War is failure, occupation a disgrace!

“Funding these wars is killing our troops”

* Why laughter?? Because without it I would have gone insane years ago.

Sen. ** harry reid must be replaced as Majority Leader, call me when you agree or just go away!

An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching.
Mohandas Gandhi

Thoreau may have also brooded over the reaction of Emerson, who criticized the imprisonment as pointless. According to some accounts, Emerson visited Thoreau in jail and asked, “Henry, what are you doing in there?” Thoreau replied, “Waldo, the question is what are you doing out there?” 

Molly Ivins, "It's like, duh. Just when you thought there wasn't a dime's worth of difference between the two parties, the Republicans go and prove you're wrong."

"I have no country to fight for; my country is the earth,
and I am a citizen of the world."
Eugene V. Debs 






Portland City Council: Fish



After getting home from the doctors 12/20/12, I watched and was yelling at the computer---we must defeat Fish. We have two years to talk some notable person to run against him. This was the last vote that will be cast by leonard and adams. Did I tell you that I named the restroom/toilet across the street from City Hall after leonard. It is now called the randy leonard shit-house. Salzman did not have the guts to vote so he hid someplace, we should run him out also. Amanda stood tall and said no to putting this on a special election, I got to thank her yesterday, (something I don't do enough.)








Why Keep The System Going?


You who volunteer, give your time to helping others are part of the problem. You who serve on committees for the city, state or the federal government are keeping the system going. Without people of good will this system would collapse, so why do we do the very thing that keeps a system that will screw us going? Man, is that the 64 thousand dollar question? How many hours do you give? Just stop it now and let the system collapse. Man, am I going to get into trouble now!          [full article]

                    12/12/12 - Joe Walsh








Report from N3 Anti-Austerity Action in Portland


From the open publishing newswire: The report from the coalition that claims responsibility for N3 in Portland,and some photos:"Despite police confrontations, the day of action succeeded in its aims of communicating that we do not consent to coming austerity programs," said Michel Losier of Portland Action Lab. "The 1% must pay for the crisis that they created." 


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Reservoir Rally
Sunday on October 28 @ 3 p.m.
Mt. Tabor's Reservoir#6 on S.E. 60th 
(at the lowest reservoir, near Hawthorne)

Rally Around the Reservoirs! 

Rain or shine spend an hour at Mt. Tabor park on Sunday to show YOUR support for retaining the beloved historic open reservoirs located in Mt. Tabor and Washington Parks.  We'll invite the media and those running for City Council.








click here for latest Torture case    8.29.12

Joe Walsh (founder of Individuals for Justice) in response to No Charges, announce his retirement.

Please read about his thoughts & feelings below the  "Hurt" video by Johnny Cash.



     = total  retirement

[Joe Walsh 8.31.12 

I am going into total retirement;

I am finally worn out and will no longer try to make this system better. After learning that the DOJ will not hold anyone accountable for the torture, including murder, I want this system to fail and cannot support it anymore.

I am going into total retirement;

I am finally worn out and will no longer try to make this system better. After learning that the DOJ will not hold anyone accountable for the torture, including murder,

I want this system to fail and cannot support it anymore.
I have fought against injustice since 1980 over 32 years of protests, sit-ins and fighting with politicians from every walk of corruption.

I want to spend the time I have left with Patty, walking near the river, going to the sea for a dinner.

For me the fight is over, this Friday, August 31, will be my last protest.
Joe Walsh-Lone Vet


{email from Joe Walsh}





 Friday 8/3/12 


The Lone Vets Announcement


 A call to action

The Lone Vets Announcement


 A call to action


We are in deep, deep shit today!



We will protest this on the Hawthorne Bridge at 1st and Madison on the west-side at 3:30 PM on Fridays until we pass some regulations against the use of drones. Obama joking about the use of drones is not funny to the 60 children who have been torn apart by our drone action since he took office.



"Free The Horses" - 3 min video


This was posted on Portland Indymedia's website on 3/27/12










 Charter Commission 2/22/12



Citizens Demand the city


"Free The Police Horses" 


 video from charter meeting 2/22/12







MARCH 8.4.12

~ Video Trailer ~






 Retire the Horse Patrol



Take Our Poll





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 Stop the F-ing Wars 

Protest - Continues Every Friday at 3:30 pm

 West End of the Hawthorne Bridge


<<   Hawthorne Bridge Map   >>>













Lone Vet Comments on Portland Indymedia 4/12/12



regarding the local election process and the big players capital they use for advertising etc while no media attention nor access to public debates by the "other" candidates all this equates to is more local voting injustice







This is a protest to remind people going home for the weekend that we continue our war in Iraq with mercenaries, still murdering civilians in Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Somali, and any country we think will hurt us or Israel.  We are, along with NATO, dropping uranium laced bombs and missiles on small countries and telling the world we are saving them from evil leaders. 

President Obama decided HE can murder women and children at will without any meaningful debate in the Congress of the United States; an impeachable offense. 

Come and join us and take a ride on the Justice side.

 Our signs this week will read: 


 - Joe Walsh   2/9/12














2012 Individuals For Justice recommendations  3/22/12




These are noble people and should be elected to represent us on the local level


Individuals For Justice recommends a vote for the following:

Cameron Whitten

for Mayor, Individuals For Justice has often called for young and noble people to step up and Cameron is just that, we like the way he thinks and calls for "Unity."

Commissioner #1

Teressa Raiford

We like her position on gun control and she thinks about how to create jobs in Portland.

Commissioner #4

Mark White

. We watched Mark's work on the Charter Commission and know he was concerned about the least among us. He wants to help and has the experiences to do just that--help! Only single candidate to receive the Oregon Progressive Party's nomination.

We looked at the following criteria:

1. Non-career politician, understands that they are representatives of the people and not a know-it-all elitist.

2. Understands that to be a leader one must listen.

3. Will work to re-establish the Charter Commission.

4. Are not bought by the Business Alliance.

5. Equitable treatment of all.

6. Will hold police accountable.

We, IFJ, refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils. We want candidates that we can believe in and support. These are three noble people who will do their best.


All have not signed on to our criteria but have talked about most of the issues we are concerned with during our evaluation of the candidates.

Dream candidates must include:

Dan Meek for attorney-general. Or, better still, secretary of state.

And how about Joann Bowman Hardesty for Commissioner?









See past videos from the "Individuals For Justice"

 These are videos are from 2007 to 2011



Arrest Bush and Cheney - Impeach Judge Bybee - Protest at Pioneer Courthouse














Judge j. bybee










3/5 - 3/9








2009-2011 ARCHIVES!

























2009 - 2011 - IMPEACH bybee VIDEOS


bush, cheney & bybee




 Impeachment Bush - Protests at House District 3 Representative Earl Blumenauer






Stop The F-ing War Protest on January 27 2012






 Part 1 of 3



Part 2 of 3:



Part 3 of 3:










Santa Clause


was at


"Stop The F-ing Wars"


Protest on 12/16/11













 Occupy Portland




















We will return on 2/3/12 to the Hawthorne Bridge



on the West-side near 1st & Madison this Friday at 1530, (3:30 PM).




This is a protest to remind people going home for the weekend that we continue our war in Iraq with mercenaries, still murdering civilians in Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Somali, and any country we think will hurt us or Israel. We are, along with NATO, dropping uranium laced bombs and missiles on small countries and telling the world we are saving them from evil leaders.




President Obama decided HE can murder woman and children at will without any meaningful debate in the Congress of the United States; an impeachable offense. Come and join us and take a ride on the Justice side. My sign this week will read:

"Middle East WARS GO ON”



- Joe Walsh   2/2/12













Reminder! Reminder! Reminder!

WEDNESDAY 9:00AM  -  11/9/11



This Wednesday I will return to City Hall to let them know that we want a new council come November of 2012. Randy not running, Sam not running and Amanda is running against Mary Nolan. We told the City Council not to vote for the JTTF, they did. We told the City Council not to vote for the Sit-Lie (lie) ordinance, they did. We told them not to cave in on the covering of the reservoirs, they did. Two out of the three up for reelection are not running because they know they would lose, only Commissioner Fritz remains to defeat. We have a great opportunity to vote in 3 new people, a majority of the council and we should do that to send a message that if you go against your constituents, you are gone--finished--out of there--can you hear me yet Commissioners Salzman and Fish. We honored ourselves by protesting against these measures but got busy with other stuff, rejoin the fight----we are winning this one.

We should ask all candidates if they will rescind these terrible ordinances and actions by this group of "Dropes!"

City Hall
0900 out front on 4th Street in Portland Oregon